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5 ways to “wake up” to Joy

Okay ya’ll my last post talked about waking up the everyday joys in your life. Today I’m going to go through 5 ways to “wake up” to Joy!

1) Live the Moment your in.

What does it mean to live the moment your in? To live fully where you are. Giving your all to the present circumstances you find yourself in.

So in some of those not so great moments this may look like embracing the suck as you tackle a 10 mile distance run. Or it may be dancing around in the rain with your 7 year old niece.

Really its giving yourself permission to fully feel and experience life. But not allowing yourself to get stuck in pining for the past or fantasizing about the future. Now we will all do both pining and fantasizing at times, but it is giving your self permission to FULLY LIVE in your current moment that is wonderfully intoxicating!


2) Be still.

Basic, right? But this idea of just being quiet is uncommon in our overfilled lives. Not picking up your phone as soon as you have a free minute. Not checking the next thing off your to do list.

Take time to slow down and quiet your mind. Breath deeply and let all the thoughts that intrude slip away.

Frequently in these quiet moments I have thoughts come to the forefront that I didn’t even realize were an issue or a cause for celebration. I can file those thoughts away to be processed more later.

Once I’ve successfully let stillness in I find true joy in whatever moment I’m currently living. A mountaintop view. A cup of coffee enjoyed on the couch. A walk through my neighborhood. A flight to visit friends.

3) Personal technology boundaries.

Yep. I went there. We all need to set personal boundaries when it comes to technology.

Why you may ask? Well, when was the last time you got on social media got sucked into the black hole only to reappear 3 hours later? Or the last time you started a show on Netflix and looked the clock to discover you missed 2 meals?

Yeah. We have all been there and thus prove my point in needing boundaries. If you have not experienced either of those type of situations, good on you, move forward in life like the truly wonderful time-management boss you are.

For the rest of us, lets talk about those personal technology boundaries. This could look like setting a limit on the number of episodes you allow yourself to watch in one sitting. Setting a timer for 20 minutes when you get on social media.Turning on a “Do not disturb” at a certain time at night. Whatever will help you not fall down the internet rabbit hole, so to speak.

4) Get outside.

At least once a day. Guys we need the fresh air, sunlight and honestly just the natural beauty. I’m convinced that just being outside helps make you a happier, healthier person.

In my commute, the walk from the train through downtown to my work helps me start my day off better. Even better is when I get to spend time deep in the backcountry and be fully surrounded by woods. Or ocean time- swimming, sunning.

Again, just a walk around your neighborhood or sitting on a blanket in a park will be beneficial!

5) Make time daily for what you love.

It’s important to enjoy the life your living. So if your not making time for activities and hobbies you enjoy- that is a problem! If you enjoy physical activity, create a schedule to fit it in your life daily. If you enjoy journaling, create a habit of daily journaling.

We all have that “thing” we want more in our life. More exercise. More adventure. More quality time with friends. More time getting lost in reading a good book. In order to actually have that “thing” more we have to actually incorporate it (whatever it is) intentionally into your life.

So if the idea is to exercise more. Intentionally make space in your life, physically and mentally. For me, this look like waking up 3o minutes early to get in yoga, HITT or a run.

Whatever it is that you enjoy- make time daily to enjoy it. It’s YOUR life and it’s up to you to make it a joyful one!