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Wake Up to Everyday Joys

I believe we can find joy in our everyday life. To experience this everyday joy we must be present in our lives.

What do I mean by, “present in our lives” you may ask? Well, allow me to explain.

Frequently I find myself asleep to my everyday life. Asleep in the aspect of going through the motions of life without truly being alive in the moment. Letting the colors dull, the conversations slip by without engaging, and seeking the distraction of entertainment. All of this mutes my experience of life.

When I find myself in this place I have to intentionally re-engage. Stop and take in the sights of what’s happing around me, truly allow myself to SEE the colors around me.

Focus on the conversation happening in the moment. Listen for the sake of hearing and understanding. From this place your able to have deeper conversations and relationships.

One thing that needs to be addressed in this awakening. Is the role of entertainment in our lives- specifically electronic media. Electronic books, social media, online streaming, etc.

Ah- my friend and foe – entertainment. I will admit to loving a good book or tv series and don’t get me wrong here.

BUT there needs to be a conversation about falling down the proverbial rabbit hole. You must create boundaries in your own psyche.

I encourage you to think about what is appropriate time spent on these activities and what is overindulgence. Everyone will be different, but this is important for you to figure out.

Additionally, I feel I should add a note about this time of self isolation because of Covid-19. It can be even more difficult to not to seeking out entertainment for undefined hours with no end precisely because you have so many hours stuck at home.

But I would say that makes intentionality that much more important for your mental health. You still need to connect with other people (even virtually); need to enjoy your favorite hobbies or start new ones; and need to maintain some semblance of routine with meals and cleaning the space your spending so much time in.

From creating your own boundaries you can intentionally be present in your own life. Personally I am constantly working towards this goal. And when I am “awake” in my life I find SO much more Joy!


Author: unreservedjoy

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